Stress Management

Creative Solutions to Alleviate Stress 

During Moments of Doubt

  • Breathe.  Breathe in strength and exhale doubt.
  •  Exercise your doubt–walk, play tennis, run, yoga.
  •  Eat healthy–nourish yourself
  •  Look towards gratitude for your positive attributes.


Getting Back on Track

  • Take a walk, breathe, clear your head.      
  • Have a personal “come-back” phrase that will re-energize you.  
  • Remind yourself of your accomplishments and talents. 
  • Keep it simple. Return to the basics.


Loving Your Self More

  • Pay attention and observe your thinking.
  • Catch yourself in self-judgment and doubt.  
  • Notice what these thoughts are making you feel.
  • Breathe in  self-assurance and exhale distress. 
  • Move towards self-approval and gratitude.
  • Find Solutions – Have Fun – Enjoy Nature.


Reconciling Change

  • Reflect on your change or loss.
  • Experience your emotional response.
  • Accept your past.
  • Appreciate all that you have experienced.
  • Reflect, Reconcile, resolve.   
  • Find meaning in the moments.


A Pausing Script

I sit in a comfortable position. I adjust my body just right.
I quiet my mind. I take a deep breath in–and then exhale.

I take another deep
breath in… breathing in positive relaxation.

And this time, as I exhale – I breathe out whatever it is I need to let go off.

I release any tension.

I say to myself the words, “calm and relaxed”.
Calm and relaxed to quiet my thoughts, to quiet my body.
I adjust my body in a way that will be most comfortable for myself.
I begin to let the natural rhythm of my body take me into relaxation.

If any thoughts of the day interrupt me,
I will acknowledge them and then I will let them pass.

Perhaps I want to imagine putting my worries in the clouds for
the moment and watch them slowly drift away.
I allow this time for myself… so that I can unwind completely…

I let my breath slowly flow easily and gently through me.

As I gently inhale and exhale– relaxation is moving through me.

My muscles are relaxed.

Any stress or discomfort is slowly floating away.
My emotions are calm and peaceful.
At this moment I am at peace with myself.
I can sit quietly and calmly.
I will trust the silence.
I reaffirm positive thoughts.
I am open to receive calmness.
I give myself the gift of taking a moment to focus inward.
I feel good I know how to relax myself.

I can choose to change my focus by taking a deep breath in and then exhaling. I exhale any frustration or doubts.
Pause… When I’ve taken enough
time-out, and I feel ready, I will open my eyes
feeling refreshed and rejuvenated – with a renewed sense of inner calmness.

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