Have Less Stress: Learn to Pause

Pausing  is a way of coming back into a centered clear state.

The sacred art of pausing.”  Intentionally stop your actions, then breathe three or four full breaths,  soften your hands and  face.  Relax.  With a very slight smile and attention on your breath you tell your body to slow down.

Mindful presence”. Listen to yourself and ask, ‘What’s happening inside me right now?’ Then experience whatever is inside—maybe a feeling of anxiety or loneliness or restlessness or sorrow. It’s a way of getting intimate with your inner life. When people are stressed, they lose that contact.

Kindness”. Befriend yourself.  Send a message to yourself of kindness, of being worthy. Sometimes people say, ‘I accept myself just as I am.’ When we’re stressed we forget what really matters.”

Taken from an article by Tara Brach. This article first appeared in the December 2010 issue of The Washingtonian.