Mistaking Forward

Oftentimes, making mistakes sets us back or discourages us. Embarrassment, shame, or diminished self-confidence sets in. In order to defend our self, we begin making excuses, rationalizing our conflicting behavior or become self-justifying.

Mistaking forward allows us to become aware of our mistaken behaviors, realize what we are intending to accomplish, and to then, direct our thoughts and manage our feelings productively. In order to reach our intended outcome, it has everything to do with choosing each moment where we focus our attention and how we move from our intention into purposeful action.

As we begin the New Year and move forward in our life, we continue by using the wisdom of our experiences. Life is an ongoing journey of exploring and learning. Each little tidbit of wisdom we collect along the way helps us manage our life. The New Year is a good time to acknowledge our mistakes, indecisions and losses as well as our successes.

Your mistakes, although they don’t feel very good, are there to be embraced and transformed into new insights. Having courage to face a setback will guide you to discover an essential lesson that will help tweak your process and move you forward. Mistakes show you what doesn’t work and could wake you up to an entirely direction. Making mistakes, whether intentional or from impulsive actions are there to push the limits of who you are, and guide you to reach an understanding the hard way. So, appreciating your mistakes as precious lessons can enable you to move forward more easily.

Our life is a process, and we exist in a constant state of creating and experiencing. The lesson is to cherish each moment, for these moments are the grand experience of living our life. Imagine waking up each morning with a clean slate. Each morning you resolve to affirm to make your day complete and aligned with your integrity and true goodness as possible.

It may be the big choices that set your direction, but it’s the little choices; your thoughts, words and actions which got you to where you are today. Luckily, you can continually review your choices, reflect on what you have overlooked or neglected, and then proceed accordingly.

Here’s to each day unfolding like a beautiful flower. Each pedal revealing something special. Let’s toast to life’s continuation, to creating new memories and to gathering wisdom along the way.

Wishing you all a good year!